Wood Species


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Monkey Pod

The sapwood is a cream color and the heartwood is dark brown,taking a high polish. With its rich dark-and-light pattern, the wood is highly prized for carvings, furniture and paneling. The wood shrinks so little that products may be carved out of green wood without fear of splitting or warping as the wood dries. In Hawaii, bowls and other craft products made from the wood are in such high demand that the local wood supply is supplemented by imports from Indonesia and the Philippines. A moderately durable wood, it is also used in boat building. The beautiful, high-quality wood is used for interior trim, crafts, boxes, veneer, plywood and general construction.

Cuaban Mahogany

(Swietenia Mahagoni) was the original mahogany in commercial trade and was exported from Hispaniola in the 16th century. The heartwood is highly resistant to decay and insect attack, performing better than all other mahoganies on the world market. It is noted for its low and uniform shrinkage and its ability to hold shape much better than other woods of similar densities. The wood works well and finishes to an exceptionally smooth, lustrous surface. The wood is therefore the choice for high-quality furniture and cabinetwork, joinery, boats and pattern work. Wood carvers use a significant amount of the wood in turnery and sculpture.